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Sunset Cottage Rules
In order to respect the local neighbours, protect the local wildlife and maintain the cottage in a neat condition for others to enjoy, we do have a few rules for sunset cottage. 


  1. Maximum of 8 people, including guests. This is due to septic tank limitations.

  2. We only rent to families or couples 25+.

  3. There are no tents allowed in the property.

  4. No outside boats or boat-motors are allowed in the property.

  5. Sunset cottage is non smoking & not pet friendly due to allergies.

    • Exceptions are only made for specified service animals.

  6. No flushing anything except toilet paper and feces down the toilet. No hair, grease, female products, sanitation wipes, garbage, etc. The cottage has a septic system that will clog if you try to flush prohibited items.

  7. No loud parties or music at night. Remember, sound travels easily across the water. We ask to limit outdoor noise past 11 pm please. 

  8. If you break it, you replace it (see rental agreement).

  9. The cottage is to be left clean, in the same state you found it in – cleaning supplies will be provided by us. If you wish  to hire a cleaning service in addition to cottage rental, please specify. A cleaning fee of 150$ will be deducted from your deposit should mess be left behind

  10. No large bon-fires that extend beyond the size of the fire pit. This is both for your safety and due to local bylaws.

  11. Be safe and be gentle on the cottage and the environment! Please obey Ontario fishing regulations as stated by your fishing license. 

  12. Violation of our cottage policy allowes the owner to nullify the rental agreement, and cancel your stay, forgoing the return of the security deposit.


Please note: when renting our cottage you agree to our cottage rules. We have outdoor CCTV for quality and security purposes, but there is no recording within indoor areas.